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To best serve our clients, we always start with the advisory plan. During this engagement, we’ll discuss your near- and long-term goals for you and your business. We’ll provide you the necessary education and analysis to make sure you are running your business at its peak and in compliance. Some of the solutions we provide during the advisory engagement are:

  • Making sure you are operating under the best entity type
  • Providing education regarding recordkeeping requirements

Why Start with Advisory?

We understand that every business operates in their unique way. Our goal at Blanchard CPA is to always be positioned to provide our clients with exceptional service and value.

Most business owners we work with are taxed in excess of 20% of their income. What happens if they were to miss a $1,000 deduction that they just didn’t know about (or forgot about or that changed in tax reform)? That’s an easy $200 in tax savings missed, and it could have been avoided if their tax or accounting professional had spent the time with them upfront to educate them about the deductions and rules that are applicable to their industry or particular situation.

Our process is to start with an advisory engagement – help the business owner establish a plan to move forward, make sure they are using the appropriate entity, properly classifying employees, establish good record keeping practices, etc. – before establishing a maintenance agreement to manage bookkeeping, payroll, and tax returns.


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Maintenance services for business owners start at $3,000 and are billed as an annual subscription fee, billed monthly, or a minimum of $250/month. Note that these are billed over the business’ fiscal year or calendar year. Example: Client has a June FYE. It’s September now. We would bill the annual $3,000 subscription from October – June. This first period of 9 months would require payments of $333.33/month. The following July-June would be over the full 12 months at $250/month.

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121 Farm to Market 359 Rd Richmond, TX 77406
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